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Gabrielle Henty

Called to Lincoln’s Inn 2003, Admitted as Solicitor 1980   |    Email: clerks@westgate-chambers.co.uk


Gabby has a broad experience of all aspects of criminal law, she both prosecutes and defends. She is a measured and sensitive advocate who is well known for her commonsense and practical approach. Her meticulous and thorough approach to casework has resulted in her in being instructed as Junior Counsel in a number of high-profile and serious cases including murder and gross negligence manslaughter.

Gabby joined Westgate Chambers in 2013 after a long career as a Crown Prosecution Service lawyer and advocate , she is regularly instructed in the prosecution of a wide range of cases including rape, serious sexual offences, child cruelty serious violence and drugs. She specialises in cases involving children and very vulnerable witnesses.

Gabby has worked closely with Registered Intermediaries and was part of a group of lawyers and intermediaries who produced the 2015 “Toolkits” on the Advocates Gateway advising on best practice in dealing with children and vulnerable witnesses.

As a defence advocate Gabby represents clients in all types of criminal cases and has also represented clients at tribunals and inquests.

Recent Notable Cases

  • R v DJ & Others 2016 Defence of 18 year old boy tried with 4 others for conspiracy to do violent disorder, a case involving 3 separate trials of 24 defendants. Client eventually acquitted after a five week trial involving cell site, mobile phone and CCTV evidence.
  • R v SW 2016 Prosecution of alleged multiple and degrading rapes of an extremely vulnerable woman in supported mental health accommodation by another resident. The case involved careful handling of the complainant and consideration of disclosure of over 2,000 pages of third party material.
  • R v AH 2016 Prosecution of a care worker alleged to have raped a woman who suffered from a severe learning disability and required a Registered Intermediary to assist in communicating with the court, via video-link from the care home. The defendant was represented by a QC and Junior. Legal arguments on the part of the prosecution concerning the competency of the complainant and the admissibility of the ABE were successful. The case involved much medical and third party material and cross-examination of psychologists.
  • R v DM 2015 Prosecution of serious sexual assaults committed by a hospital nurse upon a vulnerable patient with a long history of mental illness. The large quantity of disclosure particularly third party material was a significant feature of the case.
  • R v GG 2015 Prosecution of, alleged serious sexual assaults upon vulnerable teenage boy who sufferd from Asperger’s syndrome and required sensitive handling.
  • R v K T & R 2015 Prosecution of, kidnap and false imprisonment involving the “snatching” of a baby which had just been taken into care. Case involved issues of covert surveillance RIPA and cell site analysis
  • R v RB 2015 Successful defence of man accused of multiple rapes of an 8 year old child
  • R v L  2014 Successful defence of man accused of rape and sexual assaults of an 11year old child
  • R v TD Sucessful defence of woman accused of arson and threats to kill
  • R v B 2014 Prosecution of multiple knifepoint rapes and false imprisonment. The complainant gave her evidence in chief from the witness box and required skill in handling as she was vulnerable and English was not her first language. Expert forensic evidence re; blood spatter  and bad character evidence of previous acquittals were features of the case.
  • R v DA 2014 Prosecution of, historic multiple rapes domestic violence & child cruelty (D sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.)
  • R v T; 2014 Prosecution of rape. Principal defendant sentenced to 22 years imprisonment.
  • R v K & K 2014 Prosecution of, child cruelty, rape and serious sexual assaults involving young and vulnerable witnesses.
  • R v H & others 2013 Prosecution of, multi-handed, boiler room fraud, money laundering. DWP fraud. POCA. Led by leading junior.
  • R v W; 2013 Prosecution of,13 year old youth charged with sexual assault of 4 year old girl. Young and vulnerable complainant called to give evidence.
  • R v M; 2012 Prosecution of, young defendant for causing death by dangerous driving. Issues involved expert evidence concerning vehicle mechanics and road surfaces.
  • R v E & others 2012 Prosecution of, 5 Defendants, allegations of high value commercial burglaries and attempted burglaries; police covert surveillance operation with a large volume of evidence; disclosure and PII issues.
  • R v R; 2012. Prosecution, 20 count indictment, involving armed robberies of bookmakers’ shops in Sussex and other parts of the country.
  • R v Z & others; 2011. Led by QC. Prosecution, murder trial. 4 Defendants. Issues involved expert evidence relating to bloodstains and spatter, and expert psychiatric evidence.
  • R v W& W & A F Ltd; 2009. 6 week trial gross negligence manslaughter. Led by leading junior a Health and Safety Executive (‘HSE’) specialist prosecutor.
  • This was a joint prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service and the HSE, with the CPS taking the lead role and working closely with the HSE. The case involved a large amount of expert evidence and issues of mutual legal assistance concerning the obtaining of evidence from Spain. The size of the case meant that there was also a third junior counsel who dealt with disclosure.
    Led junior in responding to appeal against conviction and sentence at the Court of Appeal .
  • R v C & others; 2007. Prosecution trial. 3 Defendants, attempted murder and perverting the course of justice.  Led by leading junior.
  • R v H; January 2002. Prosecution attempted murder and attempted rape. Court 1, Central Criminal Court. Led by leading junior.

Professional History

  • Admitted as a Solicitor 1980
  • Higher Court Advocate 1998
  • Called to the Bar 2003
  • CPS Grade 3 Advocate
  • CPS Grade 3 RASSO Advocate
  • Member of the Criminal Bar Association
  • Member of the SE Circuit